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Melissa began her yoga journey in 2008 down in Southern California, practicing on bluffs above the ocean.  It was there where she fell in love; in love with the breath, the movement, the life that yoga encourages.  While pursuing this more authentic life, Melissa moved home to Portland.  She completed Yoyoyogi’s 200 hour RYT in 2015 and began sharing her love for the asana practice. Melissa wishes to provide a space for her students to explore themselves through breath and movement to find that confident place within to truly radiate their essence.  Outside of the studio, you can find Melissa designing interiors for a local builder or hiking with her French Bulldog, Benny the Jett.



In high school Christy began her yoga practice by doing “stretches” and sitting quietly in her room as a way to relieve stress and free up her mind.  It comes as no surprise then that when she attended her first yoga class she was comforted to know there was a whole community of people doing the same thing, but doing it together.  This was yoga: community, comfort, openness and health.  She later became a high school teacher and decided to teach yoga to her students.  Her classes were hugely popular and students were discovering what she did in high school: the comforting and wholesome effects of a yoga practice. As an adult yoga has been her companion and teacher.  After teaching yoga for 4 years to high school students, she decided to complete her 200 hour teacher training.  In January of 2012 she completed Vinyasa teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank and realized that this was just the beginning. Christy’s approach to yoga is to challenge the body, honor limitations and direct physical energy to create space in the body and the mind.  


Allison Duckworth is passionate about breath centered movement. She utilizes asana classes as a form of moving meditation and self-discovery. In her classes you will experience invigorating and nourishing flows catered to all levels. Her intention is to foster presence and compassion on the mat, empowering her students to live authentically at their highest potential.She began practicing yoga while attending college in 2000. After graduating, she lived aboard a sailboat with her now husband. She nurtured her path of living yoga while experiencing this simple and pureexistence, deeply in tune with the natural elements. In 2006 she completed a 200 hour Integral Yoga teacher training. During this time, she found a deep connection with Prana Flow® Yoga and in 2010 completed a 500 hour teaching certificate under Shiva Rea.




Julie says while working as a massage therapist in Austin Texas, she decided to pursue yoga teacher training to help educate others how to take charge of finding balance within themselves.  she completed Yoga Yoga's 200 hour Teacher Training program then spent two years expanding upon my knowledge by focusing on small group and individual instruction. Then Karma Yoga manifested and she knew she had found the studio for me before the doors even opened. She is grateful to share in student's journeys and celebrate all our accomplishments.





Robin Dodson has been practicing yoga for nearly 15 years. She has an incredible passion for the practice and a desire to share that with others. Robin's classes are relaxing and calm with a focus on flow, balance and breath. Robin is passionate about helping students find a mind to Body connection. She hopes to help maximize the psychological and physical strength in all of her students. With a background in athletics, Robin found yoga by casually walking into a class at her gym. As she became more aware of the practice she felt more and more comfortable. Robin began to see significant changes in the way she looked, but more importantly in the way she felt. Eventually yoga had awakened her soul and helped her to see the possibilities inherent in yoga, and in life. 





As an Oregon transplant, Annie has become increasingly passionate about yoga and the extensive benefits. She grew up feeling at home with gymnastics, theatre, and church. During her college years, she stumbled upon a yoga class at her local gym and was fascinated at how it made her feel. Since then, she has tried various styles of yoga practices that has breathed life into her current practice now.On top of the Christian influence, there is quite a bit of play in her class. Laughing is acceptable and good times are encouraged. You also don't have to be a Christian or an experienced yogi to join- EVERYONE is welcome and will have a great time! When Annie is not teaching or on her mat, you can find her volunteering with her church, hiking with the hubby, or snuggling with her puppy. She and her husband are also expecting a little one this November. 






Born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawai’i, Jenny moved to Portland in 2008. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work and Psychology and studying Studio Arts for a year, life led Jenny in an unexpected (but wonderful) direction. Jenny’s heart for creative healing was infinitely expanded with her practice of mindful movement. Yoga, in all its forms, brought about some amazing changes, and Jenny realized that this was the beautiful meeting point of therapeutics and creativity. And of course, she couldn’t resist wanting to share the goodness that she had discovered. In her education, Jenny had the immense privilege to study and train under the talented Shakti Sharon Hanson and Teri Poch in Anti-Gravity Yoga at the former Gravitas Center for Structural Movement. Certified in Fly Gym® Aerial Fitness Jenny continued her formal training at Karma Yoga with Krista Basis and is a RYT-200. 





Sean Nelson

Sean has been enamored by the wisdom of the east since his teen years, however, somehow he did not get exposure to the practice of yoga outside of its mention in books until a couple years ago. Like so many of us, he felt he finally found one of the ultimate keys to human happiness and fulfillment in yoga and is a walking testament to its medicinal and transformational properties. This transformation through yoga has seen Sean totally re-orient his being away from life long self destructive patterns and suffering (addiction being the near fatal apex) and towards self actualization and contentment (even joy at times!) In kind, Sean is deeply inspired by the profound ways yoga affects people of all backgrounds, in their own unique and personal manner, and is truly honored to share this gift of yoga with others. Teaching yoga became a surprise passion in and of itself as Sean completed his 200 hour power vinyasa training with CorePower Yoga, and he has gone on to incorporate a number of varying styles (kundalini and restorative being other favorites), extensions programs, and Living Yoga’s trauma informed yoga training. Always warm and inviting, Sean strives to cultivate the space for everyone to feel safe and strong so that they may continue discovering themselves and growing on the mat and beyond.